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Meet our Team and Advisors

The Anotoys Team

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Oscar G.Tan-Abing, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer • Founder

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Simon James C. Reyes

Chief Operating Officer

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Cerry Ann Figueroa

Chief Business Development Officer

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Marco Andre Selorio

Chief Community Officer

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John Ignacio

Chief Technology Officer

Our Trusted Advisors

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David Miles Uslan

Advisor | President, Soulgem Entertainment, LLC | Special Consultant, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Atty. Maria Theresa Baja Ramos

Advisor | EX-Ericsson AB Qatar and Ericsson Indonesia Head of Legal | Tech Venture Builder | Technology Legal Counsel

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Alexander Apollo Arellano

Managing Partner, Wissen Solomon Consulting | Chief Strategy Officer, Glades Group of Companies | Deals & Corporate Finance

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Kate Hancock

Metaverse XYZ CEO, Harvard Business School Web3 Thought Leader

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Ken Nizam

Advisor | Founder, Asia Token Fund Group | Co-Founder, Block Asia Labs

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Vincent Shang

Founder | Venture Capitalist | Crypto Evangelist | Investor | Web3 | Advisor

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Brandon Lee

Advisor | Founder, Sleep Future | Co-Founder, Block Asia Labs

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Pei-Han Chuang

Advisor | Co-Founder & CEO – Morpheus Labs